Saturday, 15 September 2012

P is for Pink

My A-Z Guide to Summer - P is for Pink

I love the colour pink, not in a cutesy girly way but as a bright poppy highlight colour, it is so vibrant and I love it especially on homewares and stationery.

A cool white wall with a flash of pink completely changes the look and style of a room.

I have found these gorgeous ways to use the colour pink......I want to do them all!!!!

I love this Pink Garden, it looks amazing and makes an ordinary garden so exciting - I would love to be able to convince my other half to do this. At the minute we have boring brown fences!

Pink Garden
I LOVE this, I have never seen anything so simple and effective, and definitely want to give this a go. I love the idea of a pastel one too with shades of pink, blues and greens. This would really brighten up my studio.

Pink Post It Wall Art
I want one of these!!! Its too pretty for an I pad case though I'd use it as a clutch bag.

I Pad Holder
This is a gorgeous and subtle way to use pink in your home. Feminine, sophisticated and classy but not so much that your other half won't like it.

Pink Sophisticated Apartment
So much pink inspiration is out there.....I am off to make some pink wall art for my studio now.

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