Saturday, 21 April 2012

E is for Etsy

My A-Z Guide to Summer - E is for Etsy

Etsy is a website which focuses on selling handmade and vintage items aswell as arts and crafts supplies. You can buy such a fantastic range of handmade products including Art, Photography, Clothing, Jewelery and much more.
It is seen as a crafty cross between Amazon and Ebay.

I have recently opened my own shop on Etsy and am hoping it will be successful for me. I have still got a long way to go to get my listings up as they recommend a minimum of 50, but I am quite happy with the views and favouites I have been getting.

My shop is called Taylor Stitched. I wanted a name that reflects me and the products I make, which is how I came to Taylor Stitched......Taylor for my surname and as in a 'tailor' and stitched becuase I love sewing and want my signature style to include stitched elements.

I have been concentrating on making canvases at the moment for gifts for yourself, loved ones, weddings and children. These are a few examples of lisitings in my shop.

Home is where the Heart is Canvas
 This is a saying that is so true for everyone and looks great to dress up a wall or shelf. There is a 3d heart with vintage union jack papers that brings it to life. I am really pleased with this piece and have one ready to put up on my kitchen wall.
Cute Bunny Rabbit Canvas
 This cute bunny rabbit canvas is a great gift idea to celebrate a birth, christening, birthday or just as a gift to show someone you care. It is a great way to dress up a wall in a nursery and the colour can be personalised to gender, room decor or favourite colour. The pink polka dot paper is a great way of adding detail. I hope you love this friend is pregnant at the minute and I cant wait to find out whether I'm making her a pink or a blue one.

3D Heart Canvas

This is probably one of my favourite canvases, I love the detail but also the simplicity of it. It looks fantastic on your wall and draws you in with the textured look the 3d hearts give. This can also be personalised to give as a gift - especially for weddings as I can personalise the flat hearts with names, dates, places or anything you require. I have given lots of these as gifts and the bride and groom always love it as it is a great keepsake that they can display of their special day.
If you have never visited Etsy it is definitely worth a visit that are so many amazing handmade items that you would never find on the high street. I hope to be listing lots more items soon.


  1. I love the 3D Heart Canvas. They say the simple ideas are the best and this is really one of the best. Well made :)

    1. Thank you Pearletta it is one of my favourites too


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